Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Key differences highlighted: backshoring vs. reshoring in drop-head slab formwork systems

Richmond, B.C. (November 21, 2017) — Backshoring and reshoring systems both work to support the weight of newly poured concrete slabs and look extremely similar, but using the wrong one can lead to structural collapse. WorkSafeBC has recently...

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Fitwel introduces residential standard for buildings that help make you fitter and healthier

Years ago, building science expert Joseph Lstiburek complained about the LEED certification system: The problem? LEED gives "green" points for construction factors and building features that have more to do with "feel good" aesthetics than energy...

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Waste & Recycling Expo receives high marks for its 20th anniversary edition

If you weren’t among the 2,000+ attendees at the Waste & Recycling Expo / Municipal Equipment Expo held October 25 – 26, in Niagara Falls, you missed out. Waste & Recycling Expo and Municipal Equipment Expo represent the industry’s...

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